Typeface Identification Guide

Text faces

l, d with roman serifs
1  e with sloping bar [Venetian]

2  o with angled stress; d with definite
oblique serifs, including foot serif

3  o with vertical stress; d with oblique
ascender serif, horiz. foot serif

4  o with non-abrupt vertical stress; d with
horizontal line or bracketed serifs
[New Transitional]

5  o with abrupt vertical contrast; d with horizontal
line or slightly bracketed serifs

l, d without roman serifs

6  I with slab serifs, either square or bracketed [Slab]
7  I with wedge serif [Wedge]
8  No serifs, except perhaps on I [Sans Serif]

Display Faces

9  Flowing scripts
10  Non-flowing scripts, including blackletter and uncial
11  Unmodified serif and sans serif
12  Modified serif
13  Modified sans serif
14  Fat face, modified and unmodified
15  Thin face, modified and unmodified
16  Ornamental
17  Modified outrageous


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