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Information in Swedish about Göteborgs Vykortsklubb (The Gothenburg Postcard Club). Design and maintenance by Retroglobe.
A local business. Design and maintenance by Retroglobe.
Updates almost every day with interesting photos.

The largest human edited link directory on the Internet. I'm editor for a couple of categories, Synaesthesia, Vykort, Museerand Synestesi.
A pretty large collection of tasteless postcards. Hilarious!
My Swedish competitor in the boring postcard business.
The homepage of my brother.
A great site about synaesthesia. Also home for the synaesthesia mailing list.
Makers of the best looking handhelds out there
A great source for Palm related info.
Makers of fine GPS recievers.
If you have a GPS and don't know what to do with it, this is the place to find out!


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